Blog 17

Lauren in year 11 really loves drawing. She has a very distinctive style. Samuel interviews her for the school blog.

‘What made you want to draw?’

‘I use to draw but I wasn’t very good until a teacher in Spain encouraged me to draw’.

The reason she draws manga and not something else is because she use to watch a T.V show called the power puff girls and started drawing them.

Lauren has been drawing since she was in middle school in Spain.

Interview by Samuel and Xander

Written by Xander

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Dane has a part time job. He shares his experiences.

I started working at The Last Post on the 3rd June 2014. My mum found me the job as my mum’s mate asked. I work in the kitchen. I normally work on Friday nights but sometimes work on the weekend nights. I clean the dishes and clean the floor in the kitchen and the pub floors. I prepare food and make the sweets after their dinner. I clean vegetables and potatoes. I make apple pie and ice cream.

By Dane

Xander describes some recent changes to the school.

We have had a new wall built in the school library. A new door has to be put in the library so that the school library is a separate room from the hall.

by Xander




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