Sensory & Communication

Sensory & Communication (Years 7-13) (KS3 – 5)


The Sensory and Communication Department sits alongside the Middles and Seniors Departments at Le Murier.  It provides
education that meets the needs of students with learning, sensory, communication and physical disabilities and difficulties.  The Sensory and Communication Department offers a flexible
approach to the curriculum focusing on skills that matter to this student group. Areas of focus include communication, choice making and social skills, personal development (looking at behaviour and coping skills, developing tolerance, confidence, self-help and independence), movement and body awareness (including therapeutic massage and hydrotherapy) as well as numeracy, literacy and information skills.  The department is split into groups according to their needs. 101_7452Multidisciplinary input is sought for assessment, the setting of objectives and joint classroom working. Teaching and learning approaches used may include Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), visual schedules and work systems, principles of TEACCH, objects of reference, sensory diet, Signalong and Intensive Interaction.


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