Baubigny PTA

Baubigny PTA Table Top Sale 


This year’s event will take place on Sunday 29th November in St Sampson’s hall. Students in both schools held a Mufti Day and brought in bottles and other items for the Tombola stall – there will be some great prizes!

Baubigny Schools’ Parent Teachers Association
The group used to be called the Baubigny Schools’ Home School Link.
It is made up of parents and friends of students from both schools.
Staff from both schools are also part of the group.
They meet regularly and new faces are always welcome.

Click here for the latest minutes.
Baubigny Schools PTA AGM Minutes 29 Sept 15

Annual General Meeting

Baubigny Schools PTA met for their Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 29th Septemberber, 2015. It was great to hear reports from the Headteachers of both Le Murier and St. Sampson’s High School, as well as from Katy Davey, the chairperson. A new committee was elected comprising of senior staff members from both schools along with parents and friends. Katy Davey remains as chairperson, and if you would like to contact her on any PTA matters she can be reached on tel. 07781 115870 or e-mail:

Click here for the AGM minutes.
Baubigny Schools PTA AGM Minutes 29 Sept 15

Chairperson:                  Katy Davey
Secretary:                        Denyse McGahy
Treasurer:                       Jenny Vaudin


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