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Lauren in year 11 really loves drawing. She has a very distinctive style. Samuel interviews her for the school blog.

‘What made you want to draw?’

‘I use to draw but I wasn’t very good until a teacher in Spain encouraged me to draw’.

The reason she draws manga and not something else is because she use to watch a T.V show called the power puff girls and started drawing them.

Lauren has been drawing since she was in middle school in Spain.

Interview by Samuel and Xander

Written by Xander

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Dane has a part time job. He shares his experiences.

I started working at The Last Post on the 3rd June 2014. My mum found me the job as my mum’s mate asked. I work in the kitchen. I normally work on Friday nights but sometimes work on the weekend nights. I clean the dishes and clean the floor in the kitchen and the pub floors. I prepare food and make the sweets after their dinner. I clean vegetables and potatoes. I make apple pie and ice cream.

By Dane

Xander describes some recent changes to the school.

We have had a new wall built in the school library. A new door has to be put in the library so that the school library is a separate room from the hall.

by Xander




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Retail Course at Guernsey College of Further Education

Over 60% of school leavers go into the retail industry in Guernsey for some of their working life. Le Murier has been instrumental in facilitating a retail course as part of the school’s links programme with Guernsey College of Further Education. A group of Year 11 students are currently following a course which will lead to an Entry Level 3 qualification.

As part of the course, the students went out into St Peter Port for a town visit focusing on Customer Service within the Retail industry. It was a great trip and created a lot of debate and reflection within the group.

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Links with Guernsey College of Further Education

Most of our Senior students access Link Courses at Guernsey College of Further Education. Catering is hugely popular and standards are very high with our students developing a range of skills, with some going onto follow NVQ courses.

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Sensory Stories

Sensory and communication students enjoy learning through sensory stories which involve them all engaging and using their senses.

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Basic Skills

Communication is very important and our students learn to do so in a variety of ways.

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Construction Club

Students have a wide range of activities to choose from every lunchtime. The Construction Club is always popular and they learn to develop important additional skills such as patience and determination; with these, they are able to persevere over a long period of time in order to complete some of the complicated models they work on.

DSCF0707 DSCF0708 DSCF0710

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Rugby Development

Our students have benefited enormously from having the rugby Development Officer working with them, developing basic rugby skills, teamwork and other beneficial traits associated with the sport.

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