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Launch of Student Page on Website.

Students at Le Murier are starting their own page on the school website during a lunchtime club. They will be reporting on school news, events and students’ interests.

Work Experience

At Le Murier, the majority of students in years 10 and 11 experience work placements up three times a year.  Students are placed both within the school and with external companies. Over 20 companies have accepted students during this term. Thanks to all those involved!

Here is some information on our roving reporters and their thoughts on work experience.



My name is Sarah and the lesson I like the most is English.



ReeceMy name is Reece. I am in Mrs Plummer class and my favourite lesson is cooking with Mrs Plummer. I recently went on a work experience to Les Cotils. I had lots of fun and we made Eton Mess. It was very tasty. Bob my employer offered me a job there.



My name is Jack and for my work experience I worked at Les Bourges Hospice store charity shop. It was good because it was familiar and I liked working on the till.




My name is Joshua.  On my work experience I worked at the Co Op at St Martin’s. It was really fun because I liked the people there and they made me have fun all week.




My name is Cameron. I enjoy cooking new foods. I worked at Les Cotils for my work experience. I worked as a trainee chef.  I liked making crème brûlée.




My name is Alexander.  I’m in Miss Plummer’s class and I like doing maths because it’s my favourite.  I did my work experience at Le Murier School. I was working with Mr Thacker and Mr Smart and we were fixing the lunch tables because some of the seats were loosened.

Check out the other year 10 and 11 students on their work experience!

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