Blog 3

Mr Smart’s Big Day Out!!!

Le Murier school caretaker is accepting a big challenge. Mr Smart is in a group of skilled bike riders called The Mule Bretagne Brittany Bike Bashers. They are riding around France to raise money for Guernsey Sports Association for The Disabled, The Friends of St Martin’s Day Service and Le Rondin School.

Mr Smart came back on Wednesday 18th June.  They came off the boat and rode to the Governor’s house. So far the trip has raised £47523.

By Joshua and Reece

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Interesting Facts About Mr Rogers

Mr Rogers is a new teacher who started in January 2014.  He has brought along his Pets as Therapy dog, Monty to work in the school.

How long have you had your dog for?

I have had the dog for 6 years since he was a puppy.

Where did you work before here?

In North East England in a centre for students with autism.

What are your favourite hobbies?

I like mountain biking and wind surfing but I love dog walking.

What do you like to do in school?

I like doing swimming with L and C class.  









Duke Of Edinburgh

Year 11 have done their practice walk for their Duke of Edinburgh. We walked to Rue Mainguy. I joined in so I could complete my qualifying expedition.

By Cameron

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  1. Courtney says:

    I like the green tent.

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