Blog 6

Le Murier School Opportunities Week

Last week students from Le Murier and St Sampson’s took part in an opportunities week.

Opportunities week took place over 3 days and the students had fun and benefited from the opportunity to do different things that they don’t always get to do in school.

Mr Hunter was doing a sports week for middle school and the activities Mr Hunter was doing were

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Cricket

Mrs Andrews and Mr Dovey were part of the outdoor group. Some of the activities were

  • Fishing
  • Trekking
  • Keep fit

Fishing was on a big boat around the islands in the Bailiwick. The trekking was in town and on some trails. Some of the girls did some recycled fashion over at St Sampson’s High.

Thanks to the teachers that helped and gave their time to us!

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The summer holidays are here!

This is what the some of the students and staff are going to do

  • Ms Cuco going to the beach.
  • Reece is camping in Herm with Sarah.
  • Sarah is going camping in Herm.
  • Jack is going to Herm with Sarah.
  • Cameron wants to get an ear piercing.
  • Joshua is going on a canal boat.
  • Brandon is going out with friends.
  • Miss Veron is putting the roof on her house.
  • Lisa is going to spend time with her daughter and her brother who is visiting from Australia.
  • Mrs Mac will mostly be abroad!
  • Mr and Mrs Hunter are off to Australia.
  • Jordan is going to play-scheme.
  • Ben is going to see family in France.
  • Izzy is going to California.
  • Mr Teehan is going to relax and have a rest…

Best wishes for a fun and relaxing summer from all at Le Murier.

See you in September!


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