Blog 8

Lihou Residential

Jack and Sarah interviewed some year 9 students who went to Lihou on residential.

  1. What did you find out about Lihou?

I found out that the monks used to live there.

  1. Did you think that the house was spooky?

No but the bunk beds creaked.

  1. Which teachers went ?

Mr Dovey/Mr Evans/Miss Le hurey.

  1. What did you do in Lihou?

Walked around and went fishing.

  1. What did you like best?

Coming home

By Sarah and Jack

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Josh tell us about Battletec- what it is and why he likes it.

BattleTec is a airsoft war game. You have two teams of 10 or more players. The colours are red and blue. You will be mixed around so the teams will be even. Every 2 weeks we have an open game on a Sunday for kids aged 11-15 from 9 till 12:30. If you don’t have kit its £25 for full hire, if you do have your own kit its £15. Then in the afternoon is the Adults ( aged 15+ ) from 1 pm till 5 pm. If you don’t have kit you can hire full kit for £35,  if you have your own kit its £20.

The Sites we use are: Mirus Bunker, Jungle, Woodlands, Petit Bot, Dam, Bowl

The main one we use is the Mirus Bunker.

I like doing Battletec because it’s fun and good to get your anger out and to keep you fit.

By Joshua

Young Chef of the Year

I have been offered the opportunity to take part  in the Rotary  young chef of the year competition and I am  work with Miss Rene, on a Thursday afternoon after school. I need to make a three course meal for two people at the college of further education. I will be testing different foods out and planning a starter, main and dessert. I have a budget of £ 15.00 and a time scale of 2 hours to make the menu in and I have to decorate the table. The first prize is £50 Amazon voucher. Second prize is £30 Amazon voucher and third prize is £20. This week I am making Ice cream, cheese bread in a pot and brandy snaps.

By Reece



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